An Overview of WHat We DO

What Hoarding Can Do To Your Home If Unchecked

After Years of helping hoarders clean-up their homes, the most destructive case was a home in Weschester, NY that was left abandoned for over a decade. With holes in the roof, collapsed ceilings and over five (5) feet of garbage and "stuff" on the floors, this one was the most heart wrenching to date. (see the pictures to the left).

How We Help Hoarders Or Completists Make Some Money

We work hard to get some money into the hands of ours clients. We set aside their family valuables and when we find things like family pictures, cash in bags (yes, we've found thousands), we give it to the home owner. We also run estate sales, sell items on Ebay and on Craigslist for the owners as well if they choose to go that route. 

Real References From Real People

We've created long lasting relationships with many of our clients. They include real estate agents, professional home organizers, lawyers dealing in estates and a variety of family members. Call us for a list of clients from all over the Tri-state area.

Biohazard and Safety

When dealing with a home that has been overcome by items that are stored, often, food items and even plastic, paper or chemicals become the target of animals such as rodents, possum, raccoons and other animals. This combined with human waste, water deterioration and other damage that is done to the house, requires special attention. Free Hoarder Home Removal has dealt with many instances of neglect from clients storing their human waste because their bathrooms are filled, to dying or dead families of animals that required the attention of various state and local agencies. We take great care in cleaning the home out of all these and more situations to get the home back to a safe status ready for sale or occupancy by the owners or their family. 

Five Teams Ready to Start Cleanups

We have a minimum of five teams of workers, trucks and the materials needed to do the work quickly, safely and with respect to the families and residents. We take care to consider the neighbors as well so that everyone affected by the hoarded situation understands that the work is getting done safely and quickly. We don't run roughshod over anyone as we are often called in after other junk removal companies either insult the clients, damage the property or adjoining properties or overcharge for their limited services.  We get it. No bait and switch, no show-up and renegotiate or leave. It's happened to us so we won't let it happen to you!


A "hoarder" is often someone who has suffered a trauma or significant event and is in a state that requires a sensitive and judicious approach. usually with family and friends, we work to resolve the situation to the best of their situation.

"Completist" is someone who hasn't reached the state of hoarding that clutters the entire home and renders is dangerous or unlivable. They fill every closet, curio cabinet and armoire with collectibles or stuff they want to keep. Best to catch them before they become haorders.

"Crammed Collectors" - Whether with baseball cards or Hot Wheels, china and crystal or clothes, empty bottles or take out pizza boxes gathered from every dumpster in town, these folks become such absolute collectors that they clog up their homes to the point that it becomes dangerous 9a fire hazard) to live in the home. Communicating the value of their health and of the "collections" usually is a good start to getting this affliction lifted.

"Health Problems" often cause a home to become cluttered and ultimately hoarded as an individual who is unable to sort, clean or otherwise can quickly reach a stage where they are living in a home that may collapse on them. Care givers and family are often unwilling, unable or disinterested to help aleviate the problem. Some more nefarious reasons might also be playing a role. We've seen it and will call out anyone who is trying to get the homeowner to leave or be forced to leave so that they can take possession of the home or it's contents. Family members play a role too sadly.

"Abandonment" of a home is a sure-fire way to see it become invaded by pests, squatters and worse. We've been in homes that have been used as drug dens, gang hideouts among other situations straight our of the movies. If we feel insecure, we call the authorities and have dealt with all manner of unhappy invaders. We'll do that for your families home as well.