Free Home Cleanup is 100% free! No hidden costs. No bait and switch. Just honesty!

Our Services to Help You Clear-out Your Home

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Clean-outs and Cleanups Done Quickly, Sensitively and No Excuses!

Freehomecleanup takes away your concern about how to start a cleanup. We focus on the task at hand. Your efforts should be on getting healthy and re-establishing relationships with family and friends. For Real estate professionals, estate sales experts, attorneys who are charged with clearing-out and cleaning-up homes, we make the decision easy because we are FREE. We often receive calls after other junk clearing companies send estimates of $2,000, $5,000 or $12,000 for work that we do for free. It is damaging at least to be so insensitive and corrupt to try to charge those fees and that is one reason we make every effort to get the work done at no cost to you or your clients.

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If You Don't Have Cash, We Can Sell Some of YOur Items For you!

With our background in collectibles, china and giftware, we built an expertise offering these items on Ebay, Craigslist and other online selling sites. We offer the ability to sell your valuable items so that you can relax and plan your move or cleaning at your leisure. Being pressured to move is never pleasant and we can quickly tell you what gems you might have in your home. We've sold thousands of items for clients, many who weren't in need of moving or de-cluttering. Just thinning down their collections or "stuff". Contact us and we'll share our expertise with you in various categories that have high demand such as vintage comics, vintage toys, vintage advertising, art or all kinds and other collectibles. 

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Rely on Expertise - Learn From Our Experience, Give to Charity that needs Furniture, clothing, books and home goods.

It has become increasingly difficult to donate items to charity because of the guidelines organizations like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Veterans and others have imposed on people trying to donate items. We bypass these difficult hurdles and get clothes, furniture, books and household goods to the needy. We see first hand, how reused goods change the faces of young children who have no beds or school supplies. We see mothers breakdown from the generosity of our clients when they receive dinner sets, glassware and cooking supplies. That is one of the reasons we continue to work for free. We hate waste. We hate to see items that are perfectly good, go into the dumpster or landfill. Work with and we'll get your items to appropriate agencies and to the needy.