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How We Clean-out Hoarded and Over-Stuffed Homes for Free

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A Quick 5 Minute Visit

We are experts at determining how much effort and labor will be involved in bringing your home back to a livable space. We spend 5 minutes with you and can tell you immediately if we can do the work for free. No games. No expensive proposals. Very simply, we separate the clothes from the trash, from the books and furniture and what is left allows us to pay for the labor, dumpsters and other needs to cleanup and clean-out your home for free. Broom swept if needed.  

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We Understand How Difficult a Cleanup or Move can Be

We've been there. Our staff gets how hard it is to go from keeping tons of stuff, to having to let it go. We are sensitive, respectful and considerate. We did it for our own parents and we work with the family to minimize the trauma of the event and we have made many friends in the process.

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We Protect Your Valuables and Set Aside Family Items

Having lived through the experience of clearing out family members homes and dealing with the difficulties, we specifically set aside any items such as family pictures, specific valuables and other items the family wants to keep. We make the extra effort to give any items that would be important back to the family as we empty the home and we put it in writing!

We Help People Clean-out Their Hoarded / Overstuffed Homes

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We Complete the Most Hazardous Cleanouts Such as This one

We are prepared for everything. We've worked in homes like this where the plaster was collapsing on our heads. Floors were gone, rooms had caved into other floors. The physical difficulties cleaning out a hoarded home pales in comparison with waste that may be animal or human. Insects, vermin and other creatures are often part of the cleanout and we deal with them as well. So no, we aren't squemish.

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Clean-out Homes For People Downsizing or Moving onto a different stage of life

In many instances, we are contacted by family members, estate sales organizations, real estate agents and others who are charged with helping a member of the family or friend move on from decades of living in one place. Many of us collect mountains of stuff over the years and we help cut through the time, effort and difficulty of making the move, not to mention saving thousands that others are all too happy to charge in just throwing things out. We hate that! As we give as much to charity organizations as we can and you don't have to deal with the headaches of scheduling pick-ups that don't show up, won't take items, need pictures, descriptions and other information before committing to a pick-up, or just plain to busy to accommodate you.

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After Estate Sale Clean-outs, Working With Real Estate Agents and Brokers to Prepare a stuffed Home for a sale

It is a lot of work to clean-out a stuffed, cluttered or hoarded home. We know and that is why we are THE ideal resource for real estate professionals, estate attorneys and those dealing with a home that needs to be cleaned out for a sale or moving in of a client. We understand "broom swept" status, we are trained to identify any major issues such as cracked foundations, leaks (we hate water damage as much as anyone), infestations or other "inconveniences". We want our clients to be as successful as possible and that means a clean, presentable house.

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