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How We Cleanout Homes for free

Hoarders & Overstuffed Homes

It's more common than most believe. Hoarders and those who keep adding "stuff" to their homes until their homes are packed and not habitable. We help these people get their living spaces cleaned-up and safe again, for free!

Most people faced with homes that are packed, over-stuffed and hoarded are usually limited in what they can pay. Their funds have been spent on bringing more things into their home, either buying, picking-up or having delivered.

Yes, We Do This For Free!

We bring the dumpsters, the labor, trucks and cleaning supplies to bring the home or residence back to broom swept if that is desired. We do this  because we get compensated by the items left in the house. No charge. No bait and switch. We're not a moving company, a junk-lugger or other for profit company like that. It's simple and quick and we work with the family and owner to set-aside the items they want to keep, whether family photos, keepsakes or other items. 

5 Min. To Assess if We Can Help

Call us at 917-881-5613 and we'll spend 5-10 minutes at your home to tell you if we can help. We cover the greater New York metropolitan area including New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Connecticut and an hour and a half North of New York city. We'll tell you how long the home clean-out will take and with how many laborers, dumpsters and other materials we'll need. Whatever we can't use we donate including books, clothing and furniture.


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We take our customers situation seriously and deal with the homeowner and family delicately. We understand how difficult these clean-ups can be and treat them with great deference. 

Clean-up for Hoarders, Packed & Overstuffed Homes

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