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Covering THe New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Tri-state Are

Five Teams in the Tri-State Area

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We cover Northern New Jersey, New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam Counties and Fairfield County in Connecticut. We will service areas outside these locations on a special case basis within an hour and a half of New York City. We'll make the trip to do a quick evaluation and determine if we can do the job for free, in essence if there is enough of a packed, hoarded, stuffed, cluttered home to make the extra distance. 

How We Do Clean-ups For Free

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With a trusted group of charities that actually donate furniture, bedding and linens, clothing, housewares, books and other items to needy families and individuals, we find that they become key partners in helping to find new homes for items that are found in cluttered, packed, over-stuffed and hoarded homes. 

Out charity partners work within our timelines and we know what they are looking for so we don't run into the problem of "we don't take this or that". What is left we dispose of responsibly  and sell what we can to cover our direct costs. 

We Employ Organizers and Psychologists as Needed

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Having cleared out our own child-hood homes, we understand how difficult it could be to work with a hoarder, completest or person at various stages of denying that they have a problem with clutter. In certain cases, we will engage with our teams mental health care counselor who specializes in more difficult home cleanups or hoarder home clean-outs. We also have organizing professionals who we have worked with and who will help us and our clients understand what items to keep and those things that can be let go. In essence, we are as sensitive and considerate as we should be in cases such as these.